Sponsor & Advertise

Get on SOCOM's radar: raise your brand awareness, drive traffic to your booth, and enhance attendees’ experience as a sponsor or advertiser.

With more than 13,000 attendees, it is important to do everything you can to boost your presence and visibility.

Sponsorships are offered on a first come, first service basis. Companies do not have to be an exhibitor to participate as a sponsor or advertiser. NDIA welcomes custom and creative packages. Contact us today to discuss opportunities and how we can meet your needs.

For details on sponsorship opportunities, contact:

 Abby Abdala  Allison H. Carpenter, CEM, CMP 
 Manager, Exhibits & Sponsorships  Director,  Exhibits & Sponsorships
 aabdala@ndia.org  ahcarpenter@ndia.org
 703-247-9461  703-247-2573

For details on advertising opportunities, contact:

 Kathleen Kenney
 Director, Sales