Headshot of David Phillips

COL David Phillips, USA

Program Executive Office for Rotary Wing
U.S. Army Colonel David C. Phillips leads the Program Executive Office for Rotary Wing (PEO-RW). The PEO is responsible for providing rapid and focused acquisition, research and development, and life-cycle logistics support to the operators of the US Army Special Operations Aviation Command and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, which provides SOF rotary-wing capability to the joint force. PEO-RW provides the most advanced rotary wing aircraft, mission equipment, and training systems available to the U.S. military by continuing to focus on technologies that ensure operators have a comparative advantage against all potential threats. PEO-RW accomplishes this critical mission with a three-part strategy focused on readiness, recapitalization, and investments in lethality and survivability. The rotary wing fleet consists of the MH-47G Chinook, MH-60M Black Hawk, and the A/MH-6M Little Bird.