2020 International Special Forces (ISOF)
Commander’s Conference

GEN Richard D. Clarke, Commander, USSOCOM, will host the 8th ISOF Commander’s Conference on May 14 – 15, 2020, in Tampa, FL. This event will be held at the Tampa Marriott Waterside after the 2020 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), which occurs May 11 – 14 at the Tampa Convention Center. 2020 SOFIC includes a SOF capabilities demonstration (CAPEX) on May 13, followed by the USSOCOM Gala in the evening. USSOCOM J3-I is the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for ISOF. USSOCOM’s Office of Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L) is the OPR for SOFIC. Together, both events fall under SOFIC/ISOF Week 2020.

The 2020 ISOF Commander’s Conference theme is “Expanding the Competitive Space” and will bring senior SOF leaders together with international partners to address global threats and strategic trends. The 2020 ISOF Commander’s Conference will focus on three primary topics: Counter Violent Extremist Organizations, SOF in Competition Short of Conflict, and Adversarial Competition in the Age of Social Media.

The three plenary sessions will last 90 minutes—each of which will consist of one keynote speaker and three to four international panelists who will provide their unique perspectives. Each plenary session will be facilitated by a retired U.S. General or Flag Officer.


GEN Clarke will invite his international counterpart SOF commanders and their Senior Enlisted Leaders (SEL) or comparable representatives from over 100 nations. Nations invited include those that have Foreign Liaison Officers (FLO) or Exchange Officers (EXO) at HQ USSOCOM, nations that host U.S. Special Operations Liaison Officer (SOLOs), and nations nominated by the Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) Commanders. U.S. participation will include TSOC Commanders and Senior Enlisted Leaders (SEL), USSOCOM Component Commanders and SEL, and USSOCOM Directors. In all, more than 300 guests are expected to attend the ISOF Commander’s Conference alone.

While most SOFIC events will take place at the Tampa Convention Center (TCC), most ISOF events will take place at the Tampa Marriott Water Street Hotel that is located across the street from the TCC.

Schedule of Events

 Date  Event  Location
 Monday, May 11  Travel Day  
   SOFIC Attendance  TCC
 Wednesday, May 13  SOFIC Attendance  TCC
   ISOF SEL Symposium  TCC
   SOCOM Awards & Gala  Marriott
 Thursday, May 14  ISOF CG Opening Remarks  Marriott
   Plenary Session #1  Marriott
   ISOF KLEs  Marriott
   SOFIC Keynote Speaker  TCC
   TSOC Breakouts  Marriott
   ISOF KLEs  Marriott
   Plenary Session #2  Marriott
   ISOF Social  Tampa Bay History Center
 Friday, May 15  ISOF KLEs  Marriott
   Plenary Session #3  Marriott
   ISOF Keynote Speaker  Marriott
   CG Closing Remarks  Marriott
   ISOF Lunch  Marriott
   ISOF KLEs  Marriott

Planning Considerations


Tampa Marriott Waterside
505 Water Street
Tampa, FL 33602

Hotel Reservations

Attendees will obtain their hotel reservations via the ISOF registration site opening in February 2020. USSOCOM J3-International staff will arrange hotel accommodations for attendees from select countries and provide their hotel information via email.      

Translator Services

Plenary sessions and the keynote address will be translated into Arabic, French, and Spanish via headsets distributed to attendees as required. All printed documents will be available in English.

U.S. Visa Requirements

All international guests are required to obtain the appropriate required (A-2) visa to enter the U.S. The USSOCOM J3-International recommends that attendees initiate this process as early as possible.

Questions regarding the ISOF Commander's Conference should be directed to SOFIC@socom.mil