Innovation Showcase

The 2019 SOFIC Innovation Showcase is scheduled to open in January 2019. Please check back soon for more details.



What is the Innovation Showcase?

  • The Innovation Showcase is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their innovative products, ideas, and services during 2019 SOFIC. Selected companies will be given 10 minutes of exclusive time to showcase their innovation to members of the SOF community. This is an exceptional opportunity to present products and services to this exclusive community.

How do companies apply?

  • They must submit a 2019 SOFIC Innovation Showcase official application. The application for 2019 SOFIC will be available in January 2019.
  • To be considered, companies must submit an application including a brief (200 words or less) description of their innovation.

How are companies selected?

  • All applications, companies, and innovations will be reviewed by an NDIA Committee.

How will companies present their innovations?

  • Each company will have 10 minutes of stage time to present their innovation, including Q&A.
  • NDIA will provide assistance with presentations if requested, including A/V support.

Is there a fee to submit an application or to present?

  • There is no fee to submit an application or to present at 2019 SPFIC.
  • If your company/innovation is selected to present, there will be one (1) complimentary registration offered and one (1) additional registration offered at a discount.

How will the Innovation Showcase be promoted?

  • NDIA Website
  • NDIA email and print marketing
  • NDIA YouTube Channel after the event 

How many companies will be selected to present?

  • 20 companies are selected by NDIA and 10 companies are selected by SOFWERX to present over two days.

When is the deadline to submit an application? 

  • Deadline information on the 2019 SOFIC Innovation Showcase will be posted in January 2019.

When are the presentations?

  • Schedule information on the 2019 SOFIC Innovation Showcase will be posted in January 2019.   


Questions? Please contact Reneé Despot at