TALOS Industry Engagement Session Request

These breakout meetings will allow interested SOFIC attendees to engage privately with the TALOS subject matter experts and learn more about collaborating with this unique SOF AT&L initiative. These meetings are intended to be  targeted in nature towards the TALOS functional area or areas of interest to include Visual Augmentation, C4I, Exoskeleton, Base layer & Human Factors, Power Solutions, Computing, Armor or General Engineering.  Because of the volume of requests, the TALOS team will have to prioritize the engagements.  Please be descriptive with your details to increase the possibility of getting your breakout meeting request approved.

  • Visual Augmentation
  • Human Factors
  • Exoskelton/Robotics
  • Power Solutions
  • Armor
  • Offensive Systems

We will also be conducting Open House  sessions on Wednesday, May 16th at 12:00pm and 2:00pm in the Tampa Bay Convention Center Rooms 10, 11 & 12!